Should Millennials get Evansville’s Top Rated Health Insurance Provider?

Young, healthy, happy millennials, living on a song and gliding through life without health insurance, may be wondering if they should sign up for health insurance by Evansville’s Top Rated Health Insurance Provider – Paulson Insurance for their own sake.

The young person’s quandary? Chances are that many millennials can get by without coverage; they don’t get very hurt or very sick very often, and the fine next year isn’t huge. However, the uninsured are taking a big risk. Bad luck — an accident or serious illness — could leave them bankrupt with their credit ruined, and receiving shoddy care.

First, let’s look at the cost of coverage.
Most millennials without insurance are on the low end of the income scale. While preventive care is free, buying insurance doesn’t take care of all medical bills. It does, however, does ward off financial ruin in the case of serious bad luck, and having insurance means easy access to care. Doctors like to be paid.
Evansville's Top Rated Health Insurance Provider
Next, let’s look at the cost of bad luck for someone without insurance.
Suppose you twist your knee playing soccer. Without coverage, fixing it will be at least $20,000 to repair the ACL ligament. Can’t pay it? Buy some crutches. They run about $30. You’ll also take on the risk of tissue damage and early arthritis.

Compared to a torn knee, a simple broken arm is a bargain — about $2,500 in the emergency room, but many thousands more if surgery is needed. Meanwhile, and doctors charge uninsured people a lot more than they charge an insurance company. Insurers bargain down prices; individuals have no such power. If you have insurance, you’ll get charged at the discounted insurance company rate, which should save you money as you spend through the deductible.
The bottom line for the young: If you’re uninsured, don’t take up rugby. Better yet, contact Evansville’s Top Rated Health Insurance Provider – Paulson Insurance. Although the vast majority of millennials stay healthy, serious trouble is not rare. Those without insurance are playing the odds. If they win, they’ve saved the insurance premiums. If they lose, they’re ruined.

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